NFL Schedule Widget

NFL Schedule Widget 1.0

Keep track of your favorite NFL team scores


  • Displays kick-off times and scores
  • Change time zones


  • No additional match info
  • Can only follow one game at a time


NFL Schedule Widget is a simple dashboard widget which gives you the kick-off time of any National Football League team's schedule.

The widget displays the team's logo and kick-off time. You can change the team you want to follow in the preferences plus the time zone you want kick-off times to be shown in. If a game is already in progress NFL Schedule Widget will show the current score or if the game is finished, show the score of the team's previous game. There are no links to team websites or team information regarding the games though.

NFL Schedule Widget is a simple but effective widget for tracking the kick-off time and scores of your favorite teams.

NFL Schedule Widget


NFL Schedule Widget 1.0

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